Read my posts on Twenga !

Hey guys ! Just a quick one today to let you know Twenga UK have invited me to guest post for them again and it’s all about cute prints :-) I have posted quite a few posts on their blog over the last few months, all about upcoming trends. I’m always on the look out for the new must have so I’ve really enjoyed sharing my thoughts and wants on … Continue reading

How to make homemade almond milk

Good morning ! Breakfast, anyone ?! The other day I was going through the tons of things I have promised to show you on here and the list is getting pretty long… And then people ask how I get ideas for posts ! They just keep coming, I can’t keep up ! Anyway, I have so much to show you if I want to make sure I keep all my … Continue reading

DIY studded heels a la Valentino

Holà chicas ! How about a bit of rock ‘n’ roll on this fine Wednesday morning ? Oh no, I don’t mean tons of spikes and a full black pencil under each eye… I’m trying hard to leave my rockstar dreams behind me and become a laydeeee. Which is why I recently decorated a pair of high heels a la Valentino for a French magazine. I love the result and … Continue reading

Pop at HoF : Budding brands, now’s your chance !

You know I’m a sucker for up-and-coming retail brands, so you can guess how excited I am that House of Fraser have decided to back the Great Retail Revival Foundation, helping the best of new brands grab a space on their coveted floors. The pop-up market Pop at Hof will open in the House of Fraser flagship store on Oxford Street enabling 10 fledging brands to hold a temporary corner … Continue reading

(Part 2) À la Madinina

Hello and happy Monday !! I caught myself answering an online test last week and admitting that Mondays are actually my favourite day of the week… Crazy ?! No, just always up for a new adventure :) But before any more begin, here is another peek at my adventures in Martinique… How I miss that blazing sun ! Colours were powerful and joie de vivre was contagious… Enjoy ! Parades … Continue reading

DIY tile coasters

I told you about a week ago, I try to travel light. However, for some reason it always seems to go OK on the way there but I get carried away shopping wherever I am (excuses such as “can’t get this at home”, “it’s the perfect souvenir” and “because I can’t not” come up on a regular basis) meaning that the way back is usually a teeeeeny bit lot heavier. My … Continue reading

(Part 1) À la Madinina

Long time no speak as they say ! What day is it again ? What time is it ? Where am I ????!! Oh yes, back in London. In the rain. Boo. You may have guessed, my holiday in Martinique was DREAMY. A week of Summer in Winter, what more could you ask for ? It’s the first time I have traveled to another season and run away from the … Continue reading

Read it : Eat, Pray, Love

Reading is one of my love-hate relationships. It’s as simple as this : I read an average of one full book a year… But I thoroughly enjoy that one book and remember the details forever and ever. However, working hard to improve my writing skills and considering I’m a published author myself, I figured I should probably try harder and have written a list of classics I want to read … Continue reading

What is your beauty minimum ? #MyNude

At a time when pro tips and low cost makeup seem to be taking over the world, you would think we now have the key to maximum beauty. But wait…. What’s that I hear ? The new trend is NUDE ? Yep, not natural, nude. As in ditch all that stuff you spent a year’s salary on and go to the shops stark naked. Hmmm… More easily said than done, … Continue reading

DIY how to make a hanger into a plant hanger

Less is more, so we are told… So for our “minimalist” week, I thought I’d try and make something from “nothing”. We are surrounded by useful objects in our day-to-day life and by simply changing the way you look at something, you can make all sorts of things without stepping foot in a single shop. Change your perspective and old tights become a headband, or a bad bus ride becomes … Continue reading