How to make homemade almond milk

Good morning ! Breakfast, anyone ?! The other day I was going through the tons of things I have promised to show you on here and the list is getting pretty long… And then people ask how I get ideas for posts ! They just keep coming, I can’t keep up ! Anyway, I have so much to show you if I want to make sure I keep all my … Continue reading

DIY studded heels a la Valentino

Holà chicas ! How about a bit of rock ‘n’ roll on this fine Wednesday morning ? Oh no, I don’t mean tons of spikes and a full black pencil under each eye… I’m trying hard to leave my rockstar dreams behind me and become a laydeeee. Which is why I recently decorated a pair of high heels a la Valentino for a French magazine. I love the result and … Continue reading

Pop at HoF : Budding brands, now’s your chance !

You know I’m a sucker for up-and-coming retail brands, so you can guess how excited I am that House of Fraser have decided to back the Great Retail Revival Foundation, helping the best of new brands grab a space on their coveted floors. The pop-up market Pop at Hof will open in the House of Fraser flagship store on Oxford Street enabling 10 fledging brands to hold a temporary corner … Continue reading

(Part 2) À la Madinina

Hello and happy Monday !! I caught myself answering an online test last week and admitting that Mondays are actually my favourite day of the week… Crazy ?! No, just always up for a new adventure :) But before any more begin, here is another peek at my adventures in Martinique… How I miss that blazing sun ! Colours were powerful and joie de vivre was contagious… Enjoy ! Parades … Continue reading

DIY tile coasters

I told you about a week ago, I try to travel light. However, for some reason it always seems to go OK on the way there but I get carried away shopping wherever I am (excuses such as “can’t get this at home”, “it’s the perfect souvenir” and “because I can’t not” come up on a regular basis) meaning that the way back is usually a teeeeeny bit lot heavier. My … Continue reading

(Part 1) À la Madinina

Long time no speak as they say ! What day is it again ? What time is it ? Where am I ????!! Oh yes, back in London. In the rain. Boo. You may have guessed, my holiday in Martinique was DREAMY. A week of Summer in Winter, what more could you ask for ? It’s the first time I have traveled to another season and run away from the … Continue reading

Read it : Eat, Pray, Love

Reading is one of my love-hate relationships. It’s as simple as this : I read an average of one full book a year… But I thoroughly enjoy that one book and remember the details forever and ever. However, working hard to improve my writing skills and considering I’m a published author myself, I figured I should probably try harder and have written a list of classics I want to read … Continue reading

What is your beauty minimum ? #MyNude

At a time when pro tips and low cost makeup seem to be taking over the world, you would think we now have the key to maximum beauty. But wait…. What’s that I hear ? The new trend is NUDE ? Yep, not natural, nude. As in ditch all that stuff you spent a year’s salary on and go to the shops stark naked. Hmmm… More easily said than done, … Continue reading

DIY how to make a hanger into a plant hanger

Less is more, so we are told… So for our “minimalist” week, I thought I’d try and make something from “nothing”. We are surrounded by useful objects in our day-to-day life and by simply changing the way you look at something, you can make all sorts of things without stepping foot in a single shop. Change your perspective and old tights become a headband, or a bad bus ride becomes … Continue reading


Isn’t it funny how even the “less is more” trend has us craving for new. Here is my list of “back to basic” needs… 1. A yellow Pliage Longchamp. I have had the black one for years and it is so reliable… I just can’t resist the new lemon version. 2. Une Beauty have brought out nail polishes inspired by the colour of skin. Nice and nude, gotta try it. 3. I … Continue reading