3 Places to visit in Paris this Summer 2014

Happy Sunday everyone I hope you’re weekend is as peaceful and sunny as mine. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll probably know how often I travel to Paris and I’m stopping over there again next weekend which reminded me I should get posting some Parisian tips on here some time. The city is changing at a fast pace and is already quite different from the Paris I knew and fell in … Continue reading

Outfit du Jour: Simple style in Shoreditch

Good morning ! It’s time for another outfit du jour this week and today I’m thanking the lovely C from new blog The Lifestyle Directory for taking these pictures of me last weekend after lunch (or rather – granola) at Hoi Polloi. Though Shoreditch is usually known for its crazy outfits and bright colours, I was feeling pretty casual. In fact I’m never really up for the satorial competition that … Continue reading

Clean Lunchbox #2

 Morning lovelies and Happy Monday ! If you’re following me on Instagram (which you should be ;-)) you may have guessed I wished for this celebratory weekend to never end but here I am sipping my Monday Morning tea *sigh*. Oh well, at least I have lots of exciting content to share this week – bring it on! This week my clean food lunchbox includes red pesto quinoa, a courgette/butter bean/mint salad … Continue reading

Fast Food #1: Strawberry almond milk

    Good morning readers and welcome to my new column: Fast Food! So you thought this was the name for Macdonald’s and friends, hey?! Why should only the unhealthy guys get the cool alliterations?! A lot of the food I eat is perfectly fast to prepare and yet has not an unhealthy ingredient in sight. So I thought I’d ironically steal the name and share all these quick and … Continue reading

Outfit du jour: DECLUTTERED

Two posts in a row, we must be dreaming…! Well actually pinch yourselves peeps, I’m back for good! And today I return with an outfit which is something I hadn’t shared for a very long time. In fact, since I last posted an outfit on here a whole load of stuff has gone down in my wardrobe… I have totally decluttered. As in TOTALLY. Imagine one draw and one rail. Twenty hangers. Boom. THAT’s … Continue reading

Healthy Lunchbox #1

Hey girls ! I’m so pleased to be back after such a long wait… I’ve been updating my French page recently but not so much my English one; but no worries, I have returned to share some delicious and nutritious and fashionable and creative new posts ! Yay ! Let’s start with healthy lunchbox ideas, something I want to be sharing with you more often over here. I started a … Continue reading

What makes me smile with Colgate #MAXWHITESMILE

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens… ♬♬♬ When it comes to a smiley face I’m more than a giver – even though this blog makes me look a little more pouty than I am in real life ! It’s never easy to give a full-on smile to a camera lens but grinning at my favourite things is a day-to-day habit I have and intend on keeping. In fact I have … Continue reading

Meet Pierre Herme !

Today is a big day readers… It’s the day I meet a French chef I have always admired ! Yes, Monsieur Pierre Herme will be meeting and greeting fans in Selfridges this evening and guess what ? You’re invited too ! This is a rare occasion to meet the famous taste-bud-teaser as he does not often attend public events. But what’s the occasion ? His new concession in Selfridges new … Continue reading

Vanessa and me

Good morning readers, long time no bloggin’ ! I hope you’re well, and thanks for sticking around whilst I was running around like a headless chicken. Lots going on over here, I’ll update you one of these days… 😉 Meanwhile, there’s no time like the present to introduce you to my new best friend. Yep, I leave you for a couple of weeks and I come back with a new … Continue reading

Inspo of the day : a plant pot necklace!

Good morning lovely readers and welcome back to my secret garden! I’m so glad to have you here this morning because I have found the perfect Spring DIY on a blog named Sincerely, Kinsey. Have you heard of it before ? Kinsey’s plant pot necklace project is adorable and comes along with another luscious DIY on the same page – a double whammy of sunny crafts – just what you … Continue reading