Healthy Lunchbox #1

Hey girls ! I’m so pleased to be back after such a long wait… I’ve been updating my French page recently but not so much my English one; but no worries, I have returned to share some delicious and nutritious and fashionable and creative new posts ! Yay ! Let’s start with healthy lunchbox ideas, something I want to be sharing with you more often over here. I started a … Continue reading

What makes me smile with Colgate #MAXWHITESMILE

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens… ♬♬♬ When it comes to a smiley face I’m more than a giver – even though this blog makes me look a little more pouty than I am in real life ! It’s never easy to give a full-on smile to a camera lens but grinning at my favourite things is a day-to-day habit I have and intend on keeping. In fact I have … Continue reading

Meet Pierre Herme !

Today is a big day readers… It’s the day I meet a French chef I have always admired ! Yes, Monsieur Pierre Herme will be meeting and greeting fans in Selfridges this evening and guess what ? You’re invited too ! This is a rare occasion to meet the famous taste-bud-teaser as he does not often attend public events. But what’s the occasion ? His new concession in Selfridges new … Continue reading

Vanessa and me

Good morning readers, long time no bloggin’ ! I hope you’re well, and thanks for sticking around whilst I was running around like a headless chicken. Lots going on over here, I’ll update you one of these days… ;-) Meanwhile, there’s no time like the present to introduce you to my new best friend. Yep, I leave you for a couple of weeks and I come back with a new … Continue reading

Inspo of the day : a plant pot necklace!

Good morning lovely readers and welcome back to my secret garden! I’m so glad to have you here this morning because I have found the perfect Spring DIY on a blog named Sincerely, Kinsey. Have you heard of it before ? Kinsey’s plant pot necklace project is adorable and comes along with another luscious DIY on the same page – a double whammy of sunny crafts – just what you … Continue reading


 Let me tell you the story of me and my (imaginary) pink hair… I’ve wanted pink hair for… FOREVER. It’s not such an outrageous thing over here where the streets of London are covered in a rainbow of self-expression, but where I grew up, in the south of France, it was the worst thing I could have done to my appearance. I have discussed pink hair with friends time and … Continue reading

Pastel frosting colour chart

Breaking news : pastel colours are taking over the blog ! I’m so inspired by this beautiful weather we’ve been having and uber ready (yes UBER ready) for some proper pretty pastels… Summer is on its way lovely readers, let’s celebrate ! Images from Food Network Magazine. To kick off this pastel frenzy, here are a few pretty pictures I have been keeping in my INSPIRATION file for almost a … Continue reading

Read my posts on Twenga !

Hey guys ! Just a quick one today to let you know Twenga UK have invited me to guest post for them again and it’s all about cute prints :-) I have posted quite a few posts on their blog over the last few months, all about upcoming trends. I’m always on the look out for the new must have so I’ve really enjoyed sharing my thoughts and wants on … Continue reading

How to make homemade almond milk

Good morning ! Breakfast, anyone ?! The other day I was going through the tons of things I have promised to show you on here and the list is getting pretty long… And then people ask how I get ideas for posts ! They just keep coming, I can’t keep up ! Anyway, I have so much to show you if I want to make sure I keep all my … Continue reading

DIY studded heels a la Valentino

Holà chicas ! How about a bit of rock ‘n’ roll on this fine Wednesday morning ? Oh no, I don’t mean tons of spikes and a full black pencil under each eye… I’m trying hard to leave my rockstar dreams behind me and become a laydeeee. Which is why I recently decorated a pair of high heels a la Valentino for a French magazine. I love the result and … Continue reading