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Xmas wishlist with Joules

joules2The past few weeks have been dedicated to SHOPPING. Online shopping, offline shopping, Xmas food shopping, Xmas prezzie shopping, Secret Santa shopping… Endless shopping – and no complaints from me as I love buying gifts, cards, treats and decorations! But it just so happens I’ve also received a few requests from Father Xmas himself, asking me what I would like to find in my own Xmas stocking the week after next… So here’s a pretty wishlist from Joules – a brand I love to go to for a dash of colour and a feminine touch. I hope this helps, Santa! As a bonus this list might also give you a few ideas if you’re stuck for what to buy for your friends and fam, too. Enjoy!


1. Stationary
2. Apron
3. Plate
4. Blue scarf
5. Yellow scarf
6. Tins
7. Mug
8. Earrings
9. Slippers
10. Necklace
11. Bath towel



PS – Joules are a competition on their Instagram account (@joulesclothing), if you share a picture of your fav item on your own account, and use the tag #MerryWishmas, you have a chance to win that item every week until Christmas! Good luck!

PPS – Thank you SO MUCH for all your comments and messages congratulating us on our engagement! It means so much and I can’t wait to let you know all about our ideas to date…