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Autumn fun

TU4Autumn fashion really is the best. Cosy layers and soft snuggly materials… This year more than ever I’ve been having fun with my mid season outfits, adding pops of colour and playful prints. I used to always switch to a more boring version or myself in Autumn Winter. “Oh, it’s raining, I’ll wear black.” or “Well the sky’s grey, I may as well walk around looking like I’m a part of it”. But lately I’ve enjoyed reds, greens and even bright blue… I realised it was a good idea to keep up the colourful wear when a guy in Victoria station stopped me one morning on the way to work to kindly say “It’s so nice to see someone wearing a bit of colour, thank you for brightening up my morning!”. Adding bright pink to the mix with my blushing cheeks I looked around and indeed the whole station was black.


Talking of colour, I have FINALLY joined the rest of the women in this material world: I HAVE A TARTAN SKIRT. I’ve been drooling over tartan prints for the past couple of years but didn’t think the trend would last… Shame on me! It’s well and truly here to stay! I enjoyed pairing it with sequins here for a playful weekend outfit.


Details of my outfit:
Hat: TU
Sequin top: TopShop
Tartan Skirt: TU available here
Tights: Boots (3 for 2)
Shiny shoes: TU
Coat: TU available here


To top it off – literally – I wore this cute little deer wooly hat. I just love it! I seem to be a sucker for animals in Winter… I have sheep slippers that I swap for reindeer slippers come Xmas and even thought they’re worn out and – admittedly – rather gross, I just can’t seem to get rid of them! Deer are so trendy these days, but I love that this particular cutie isn’t all about the silhouette – it’s just a sweet little face with ears! Too much love. And fun. And warmth.

How about you, do you have fun with colour and prints in Autumn Winter or does the weather get you down?

Love from London,



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