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Shopped in London:Barry M


Hey girls! So because I know a whole load of you are reading me from abroad, I figured it might make sense to share some of my latest London finds. You might be able to find these where you live too, especially if you’re in the UK, but if not then it will be the perfect shopping list of British buys for next time you come to visit. I decided to kick off with one of my latest obsessions, my Barry M nail polishes.

I used to be obsessed with shellac / semi permanent nail polish. I’d spend lots of money going to get my nails done regularly and then in the end I started doing them at home with my own machine. But I got bored – as you do – and particularly fed up with the time it took to remove the gel and the horrible effect it had on my nails. They were literally stripped because of the repetitive abuse. So I looked around for another solution since after weeks on end of pretty nails I just couldn’t go back to the normal stuff. I’m way too active and clumsy, I end up with chipped nails after a few hours never mind days.


On my hunt I came across a few brands who have started selling “gel effect” polish. So basically it’s normal nail varnish but it looks and lasts like gel. Hmm. Intriguing. So I bought a few different makes, determined to find the One. And Barry M was BY FAR the best. Admittedly I was a little critical when I purchased my first Barry M Gelly as the brand looked a bit cheap and tacky to me. Maybe it’s the abundance of bright colours or simply the fact I hadn’t heard of the brand which polishes cost approx £4 each. Well I should never have been such a snob !

These nail gels are the best thing I have bought in the beauty department in months. Except for maybe the revolutionary Saint Tropez, but I’ll come back to that another day. Not only does the Barry M Gelly collection have a huuuuuge range of colours on offer but the solution is runny enough to paint on yet thick enough for a nice opaque colour. Just the way I like it. One coat is enough though I do paint on two for that extra hold. And yes ladies, the gel holds for 10 days. No kidding. I won’t say it looks 100% the same at the end than at the beginning but it looks pretty damn good, is not chipped and can be removed easily. What more to ask for. A matte collection? That’s fine, they have one too. Though I’m yet to try it as I tend to associate matte nails with Winter.


I must warn you though, don’t be fooled into thinking Barry M is the god of all make-up brands, the perfect balance between product and price. Unfortunately, I tried their eye shadows and was not impressed. The £7 palette will not be used since I find the powder too dry and the colours too light. It was almost frustrating to dip your finger into and just wouldn’t rub onto my finger properly. But never mind, you never know if you don’t try…! And at least now I have a new favourite nail polish brand.

Willing to try it?! Let me know how it goes!

Love from London,