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Outfit du Jour: Total Leo


After going all white I’m going all leo with this outfit du jour again shot in Shoreditch. I couldn’t wait to take pics of this jumpsuit since I fell in love with it the minute it caught my eye. I saw it, tried it and bought it in under 15 minutes. But then it took me a couple of weeks to actually wear it…

Wearing a leopard jumpsuit is not the easiest thing to pull off which is why I thank London for its lack of judgement. I probably wouldn’t wear this outfit in Paris since over there eyes linger a little too long for my comfort. Up and down they go, reminding you of how confident you have to be in what you chose to wear. Maybe that’s why the Parisians swear by basics? A chic yet safe choice? Either way, I find London liberating in the sense that if I want to wear leopard print from head to toe and not get stared at I can simply go ahead and pull on this outfit. Well, in Shoreditch that is. Not so sure what the crowds in Chelsea would have to say!

The other place I’ll be wearing this outfit is on holiday when I fly off into the sun in a couple of weeks. With a pair of oversized sunnies it’s the perfect incognito-airport look. So comfy and yet still stylish. Love it.


Jumpsuit – Zara
Sandals – André, 2013
Bodysuit – American ApparelLEOPARD-ONSIE4

Would/Could you pull off a total leo look where you live? Do you find you adapt your wardrobe to the places you go?


Love from London,