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DIY studded heels a la Valentino


Holà chicas ! How about a bit of rock ‘n’ roll on this fine Wednesday morning ? Oh no, I don’t mean tons of spikes and a full black pencil under each eye… I’m trying hard to leave my rockstar dreams behind me and become a laydeeee. Which is why I recently decorated a pair of high heels a la Valentino for a French magazine. I love the result and just had to share on my blog too – such an easy way to customise shoes and yet such a trendy result !

Of course you could also see this as a tutorial showing you how to stick studs to anything flat that you cannot poke them through.

To make your own Valentino inspired studded heels, YOU WILL NEED :

– Studs
– Accessory glue (strong stuff!)
– Shoes with straps

Step 1 : The key to this tutorial is in this easy step : fold the spokes of the studs in. You don’t want to push them all the way up but only to the point that they can be stuck onto your shoes, so at a right angle. This way your stud has more to stick to the shoe than just the border of the square shape and the result will last much longer.DIY-SHOES-CLOUTÉES2

Step 2 : Squeeze a drop of glue onto your shoe, and not your stud. If you fill the stud with glue there is a high chance of it overflowing onto the shoe and damaging the (faux) leather. Keep it clean, glue the shoe, not the stud !DIY-SHOES-CLOUTÉES3

Step 3 : Now stick your stud to the shoe. You can stick your studs wherever you like, you don’t need me to tell you that ! However for the perfect Valentino result, stick to embellishing the straps and around the shoe opening.DIY-SHOES-CLOUTÉES4

Step 4 : Add more studs. It’s starting to look good !DIY-SHOES-CLOUTÉES5

Finally leave your shoes to dry overnight and make sure the studs are correctly stuck before wearing them with pride (and a much healthier bank account than if they were the real deal !).DIY-SHOES-CLOUTÉES6

The shoes I bought to customise are super super high so I’m still getting used to them but they look awesome and have got me some kind compliments already !

That’s all for today, rockstars !

Aimee Winehouse