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DIY tile coasters


I told you about a week ago, I try to travel light. However, for some reason it always seems to go OK on the way there but I get carried away shopping wherever I am (excuses such as “can’t get this at home”, “it’s the perfect souvenir” and “because I can’t not” come up on a regular basis) meaning that the way back is usually a teeeeeny bit lot heavier. My trip to Martinique was no exception and after visiting a small pottery village in the South I came out loaded. Oh well, it was worth it, I had a good time and now have new pretty bowls and coasters.


This DIY is one of the easiest on the blog and if fact it’s more a tip than a DIY. Miss-matched tiles make the ideal coasters but what a pain when they scratch your surfaces ! No-one wants pretty coasters on a messy table, so before using these cute tiles as coasters I decided to protect my table by adding a layer of faux leather to each coaster. It’s a simple trick but it works wonders. The tiles can still be wiped over with a cloth to keep them clean or in case of spillage, I just wouldn’t put them in the dishwasher if I were you. The four tiles cost me only 8€ – I’m sure you’ll understand why I just couldn’t say no ! Despite the fact they actually come from Mexico and were imported to be sold to tourists like myself. But let’s forget that part !


Supplies : 

– Tiles
– Faux leather
– Pen
– Scissors
– Strong home DIY glue
– A tissue or piece of kitchen roll

Step 1 : Draw around your first tile onto the corner of the faux leather (wrong side).carreaux-etape-1

Step 2 : Cut out your square of faux leather.carreaux-etape-2

Step 3 : Cover it in strong glue.carreaux-etape-3

Step 4 : Place the first tile on top of the square of faux leather and make sure the edges meet perfectly. Trim if needed.carreaux-etape-4

Step 5 : Wipe away the excess glue if it comes out at the sides and leave to dry.carreaux-etape-5carreaux-etape-6

And there you have it, from tile to coaster in 5 easy-peasy steps. I think it’s the perfect way to use pretty tiles instead of walking past them, longing for your own kitchen to redecorate or a massive budget to be able to buy them by the metre. Why not make the most of all things beautiful NOW ?! 🙂


What do you think ? Too easy or useful ? Have you ever made tiles into coasters ? If so, how ?!

See you tomorrow !