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DIY Tutorial : Lacroix inspired bow belt


“La marinière”… What a classic ! The famous stripy top is a massive chunk of French tradition, but these days it’s not so much to do with boats or baguettes and bikes, it’s more to do with classy Parisian chic and a sophisticated casual look only the French seem to get just right. I have seen Parisian women of all ages in marinière tops and whether they’re on heels or flats, wearing a skirt, jeans or dungarees, they all look just as classy. How DO they do it ?!

The latest version of the marinière is Cristian Lacroix’s collaboration with Petit Bateau. Two promising names working side by side ? You might except something stunningly eye-catching. However, the limited edition marinière is simply composed of a good old basic Petit Bateau top with a timeless, black, velvet belt. And of course every fashion-lover is digging out 80€ to buy it.

If you’re like me, you’ll want to have a go at making your own velvet bow belt at home, You might even have a marinière top you can wear over and Bob’s your uncle. I hope you enjoy this Lacroix-inspired DIY tutorial – here it goes !

To make a velvet bow belt, YOU WILL NEED :

– 2m of 6cm-wide velvet ribbon
– Scissors
– A needle and thread
– Ribbon with plastics snaps / poppers on it 
– A tape measure

diy-belt-1Step 1 : Measure your waist and add 2cm. This will be the length of your 2 : Cut your ribbon to the size determined in step 1. This will be your Step 3 : Cut a 20cm piece of ribbon for your Step 4 : Fold one side in to the middle, wrong sides Step 5 : And fold the other side in to the middle, crossing the ends over Step 6 : Sew together. This is your bow’s body.


Step 7 : Cut out a third piece of ribbon 10cm long. Place it perpendicularly on your bow’s body. Fold the ends behind the bow and sew in place. Try not to sew through the last layer, so that the stitching stays 9 : Sew the snap ribbon onto the edges of the belt ribbon. You will want to sew one side to the back of the velvet… diy-belt-13…And the other side onto the velvet This is what your belt should now look like. The two can easily snap together the lock the 11 : Now place the bow on top of your belt, on the free velvet side (the one with the snaps on the wrong side of the ribbon).


Step 12 : Sew it all together, again avoiding stitching through the outside layer of ribbon to keep the sewing as invisible as Step 13 : Cut out two more pieces of ribbon, quite short, with one side cut straight and the other side cut diagonally. diy-belt-19Step 14 : Sew these in place, behind each side of the bow. You will want to stitch to the backside of the bow only, again, so that you cannot see this stitching from the front.noeud-marinière-christian-lacroix-petit-bateau-diy

Tadaaa ! Your belt is done and it’s looking pretty neat, wouldn’t you say ?!marinière-christian-lacroix-petit-bateau-diy

What do you think ? I’m loving it ! And I can’t wait to try it on with lots of other things I have in my wardrobe too – I bet it goes well with a whole load of items.

Will you be making a velvet bow belt ? What would you wear it with ?

Love from Aimee Lacroixdebois,