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DIY-chapkaпривет !

This morning I’m sharing a warm project that’s easy to do, something that might keep you busy this weekend. One of my blogging resolutions for 2014 is to keep up the good work 🙂 There’s no need to beat yourself up at the beginning of a new year when you’re already doing your best ! And From what I heard back from you over 2013, you want more, more, more. So here we go. I’ll be making sure 2014’s DIY projects are as interesting as can be and most of all are really “doable”. It’s so frustrating when you see an awesome project online that just doesn’t turn out right “in real life”. So my promise to you is to explain things as best I can and to always make sure you really can do it yourself.


I made this chapka and a homemade furry headband with just 30cm x 2m of faux fur and I still have some left. You can get beautiful faux fur for approx £30 a meter, so if you’re just buying half that’s £15 for more than enough fabric to make a fur hat and warm headband – you could probably even make two sets in fact.

To make this FAUX FUR HAT you will need :

– 1 small plate (diameter 19cm)
– 1 piece of chalk
– Faux fur of your choice
– Lining fabric of your choice – make it soft and cosy !
– A tape measure (or ruler)
– Scissors
– Pins
– Sewing equipment : I hand stitched mine because my machine is missing a needle ! 

Step 1 : Draw around your plate on the wrong side of your lining.DIY-Chapka_step1

Step 2 : Repeat on the wrong side of your fur.DIY-Chapka_step2

Step 3 : Cut these two circles out on the outer side of the chalk line. This extra cm will be for the seam.DIY-Chapka_step4

Step 4 : Measure and cut out a second piece of lining and faux fur, as shown below.DIY-Chapka_step3

Step 5 : Pin above rectangles right sides together along one side. Make sure you line up the edges properly.DIY-Chapka_step5

Step 6 : Stitch along the pinned edge.DIY-Chapka_step6

Step 7 : When you have sewn these two pieces of fabric together, removed the pins and opened it up, this is what it should look like.DIY-Chapka_step7

Step 8 : Fold the same fabric over again but this time wrong sides together. Your fabric should fold a few cm below the seam. This is because the lining is slimmer than the fur, to give the hat a nice round, furry edge.DIY-Chapka_step8

Step 9 : Join the two circles, wrong sides together.DIY-Chapka_step9

Step 10 : It’s time to get your pins out again ! Place your rectangle on your circle, fur sides together. Make sure the corner of your rectangle really meets the edge of your circle. Pin it. Make sure you pin through all four layers of fabric without one slipping.DIY-Chapka_step10

Step 11 : Keeping the edges together and making sure you always pin through all four layers, continue to pin the edge of the rectangle along the edge of the circle.DIY-Chapka_step11

Step 12 : Go all the way around and you’re beginning to see your hat take shape ! All that’s left now is the pin those two edges of the rectangle together. Pin them fur sides together.DIY-Chapka_step12This is what it should look like from above :DIY-Chapka_step13

Step 13 : Start by sewing up the side. If you are hand stitching, make your stitches small and tight (not too tight it pulls the fabric though) for best results.DIY-Chapka_step15

Step 14 : When you get to the top of the side seam, take it all the way around the hat.DIY-Chapka_step14

Step 15 : Remove all the pins and turn your hat the right way out. You’re done !DIY-Chapka_step16

What do you think – is it doable ?! It looks lovely with a buttoned up coat and an icy look 😉


Let me know if you give it a go !

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