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9 ideas for organizing your books

Hello everyone,

I’m here to talk about DIY home decorating today but I won’t be posting one of my own tutorials, instead I’d like to share 9 ideas from other bloggers. There are so many talented people out there, I like it when Clones N Clowns is a place to promote other people’s good work too ! Hopefully you will discover other projects of interest on their blogs too – have a good nose around, there are some terrific ideas out there.

BOOKS. That’s what’s going on today. Because books can look like clutter in a small space… Don’t get me wrong. I love books ! I read books a lot although I haven’t finished a novel in years. I’m more of a theory bookworm. I read how to books and most of all cookbooks. I am a massive fan of any type of cookbook, from the dreamy baking guide to the old, dusty, grandma books you can find in thrift stores. I’d say I read pages of cookbooks on a daily basis – I’m truly passionate about the techniques, recipes and food photography. But then I leave them lying around… And they pile up… And so I stuff them all back on the bookshelf… And it just doesn’t look great. Because books of all sizes and shapes and colours and widths are like visual pollution !

So for a bit of extra organisation in your home, especially if you are renting and can’t allow yourself to paint walls or hammer in nails, here are 9 ideas of how you could use your books as decoration or simply make sure they don’t look so much like mess !


From left to right, top to bottom :

1 : Organise your books by colour ! Let’s start with a tip that has almost been over-used. Some people love it, other people hate it. I think it’s nice but wouldn’t organise my books in a rainbow style, I’d colour block and mix it all up. Source.

2 : Brick bookends : Store your books upright, in unsual places like at the end of a table or on a chest of drawers. You can use bricks to keep them in place and you can even paint your bricks to match your home. Source.

3 : Books on books on books… I love this idea. Use piled books to hold vertical books in place. Source.

4 : Plants : Whether you make your own cute plantpot bookends or just use heavy terracota pots, using plants as bookeneds is a nice touch and will definitely make your books look like decoration. Just make sure your plants are heavy enough or you’ll end up with soil all over the floor… ! Source.

5 : Boxes : Another well-known technique but such a handy one. You don’t need to buy expensive shelves or even make any, just pile up as many boxes as you need and store books and other bits and bobs for trendy organisation. Go for wooden boxes for a rustic look and try to keep the heaviest things at the bottom (i.e. your books !) to balance out the weight correctly. Source.

6 : A phone bookend : A retro and fun DIY to keep your books in place with style. Source.

7 : Windowsill : Why not simply stack books up on your windowsill, against the wall ? You can also use a vase of flowers or any other heavy ornament to make sure they stay put. You might actually recognize this photo from a project I did a few weeks ago… Source.

8 : Cover your books : Or simply cover their spine ! This is an easy way to make sure everything looks harmonious – a tip for the most organised and the esthetic-freaks (in a good way) out there ! Source.

9 : Ladder them : Oh how I love ladders… They’re amazing when you can attatch them to your wall but when you can’t they’re just as cool stood in a corner. I bought mine from ebay and it was originally a painter’s ladder so it’s naturally splattered with duck blue paint… LOVE IT ! Source unknown – sorrrrrry !

Right then – get tidying ! Which one will you go for ? I’m loving styles 3 and 9, I’ll show you my version on Instagram later on today !



PS – If you like the idea of decorating your space without damaging the walls etc, check out my list of 35 ways to decorate a rented home !