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DIY pearl necklace in 3 seconds


When people say to me they don’t think they can “DIY”, I remind them that DIY isn’t just a thing, it’s lots of techniques and clever tricks of many different levels. There really is something for everyone. Therefore, it’s not a question of what you can or can’t do, it’s a question of doing what you do best. If you are patient, the craft for you might be knitting. If you feel you’re more the spontaneous type and don’t fancy spending hours practicing with needles, then maybe something quick and quirky like this 3 second necklace is for you. And you’ll see what I mean by don’t say can’t – everyone can do this, surely ?!

This is a trick for those of you who, like me, have many an old necklace lying around in a drawer and just don’t feel you can throw them out… “Maybe I”ll use them one day…”. Well that day has come. Upgrade them into a shorter, bulkier accessory and there you have it ! This works best with super long necklaces, like this pearl one I grabbed for a few pounds at Claire’s accessories.

20-30cm of ribbon and a long necklace. That is all.
fournitures creation ruban perles

The technique (if you can call it a “technique”) couldn’t be easier, follow these simple steps :

DIY collier perles

1 : Untangle your necklace and hold it straight with both hands.
2 : Turn one side on itself so the top and bottom cross in the middle.
3 : Join both sides together to make one smaller, double necklace.
DIY collier perles4 : Put your ribbon around your neck with the sides coming to the front over your shoulders.
5 : Put your ribbon through one side of your necklace…
6 : And through the other.
7 : Pull the ends of the ribbons to the back of your neck…
8 : And tie !
Your necklace has a lovely bunch of pearls at the front and a bow at the back – cute !

Of course you can fold your necklace over again and again, making an even shorter and fuller pearl section at the front. You might need a longer piece of ribbon if you do this. And then of course there are many other things you might like to add to the mix – like chains, strings of beads and pretty threads lying around your craft space… Have fun and make it YOURS !DIY-collier-perles-chaines

Give it a try this weekend !

Lots of love from London <3