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Win ! French Connection #Funnyfaces Competition

#funnyfacesWhen was the last time you won something for pulling a funny face ? Like, ever ? I have NEVER won anything for pulling a silly face and believe me having a blog would be sooooo much easier if I could stick my tongue out on every shot ! When French Connection invited me to take part in their #Funnyfaces campaign, naturally, I was thrilled and sent off 6 pictures instead of 3 for this magical gif. Ha !

Not so long ago, I went to see the launch of the latest French Connection collection called Sketch To Store. The event was really fun and they had a super cool band on stage – I left feeling my life was over when I found out those hot rock chicks were only 16 years old ! The pics in the background were black and white gifs of nude models having clothes sketched on as the video played. You might have seen some of the monochrome campaign posters currently hanging in the French Connection shop windows ? I thought it was an excellent idea to show the train of thought and production process in such a creative way and because the models were acting smily and spontaneous instead of sporting the usual grumpy pout, the campaign was almost as refreshing as the prosecco.

Now, because I know you like pulling faces too (who doesn’t ?), I thought you might like to know that French Connection are currently holding a competition for the prettiest funniest faces ! All you have to do is take a picture of you pulling a funny face and enter the competition before August 31st. Submitting your entry couldn’t be easier :

By email : Send it to me on

On Instagram : Post your pic on Instagram and make sure to tag me and FCUK in (@clonesnclownsblog and @FCUK) as well as use the hashtags #funnyfaces and #sketchtostore.

On Twitter : Post your pic on Twitter and make sure to tag me and FCUK in (@clonesnclowns and @FCUK) as well as use the hashtags #funnyfaces and #sketchtostore.

The winner will receive a super cool gift from the brand, as well as funny face worldwide recognition 😉

I’m looking forward to seeing your photos – show me the worst you can do !

Love from London,



PS – If you can’t think of anything to pull a face about, here are three things that should make you cringe :

1 – It’s raining in London as if it were the 22nd of December today. GOODBYE SUMMER.
2 – When I leave my flat the house STINKS of cold cigarette because of my neighbours daily routine. GROSS.
3 – Currently nesting on your eyelashes are loads of tiny weeny black insects with 6 legs. Right now. On your eyelashes.