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DIY navajo bead bracelets (Inspi of the day)

DIY bracelet perles navajo

Sometimes inspiration comes so quickly.. What am I saying ?! Inspiration always comes quickly ! I can’t get away from it these days ! Like this afternoon when I was happily looking through my Instagram notifications and clicked on a follwer’s profile : @parlonsvernis_blog. All it took was a follow back and a quick browse of her cute blog and my heart stopped : there before me, in one of Charlotte’s most recent posts, was a couple of navajo style beaded bracelets TO DIE FOR. I just had to share them on here and will be getting a DIY together ASAP ! I just need to find the right beeds and design a pattern and it’ll be up on the blog – watch that space, can’t wait to get started !

Thanks for sharing the inspiration, Charlotte !

Love from London,


PS – If you like navajo style, check out Elsa’s adorable bikini DIY, the tute’s in French but you’ll get the gist and the photos are too cute !


  • Nikki says:

    Haha, I just discovered your blog and was looking through all your cute posts and amazing pics (they all make me absolutely itch to try and draw you… probably will have to later 😛 ) and I saw this one… What a coincidence, I am Navajo. ^-^ Cute bracelets, a pattern we use all the time… but wierdly I have never seen many people selling any like these. It would be nice to know how to make them. ^_^

    • Aimee Wood says:

      Hi Nikki !! What a nice comment ! Let me know if you have a doodle… I’d love to see it 🙂 How flattering of you !! I love these bracelets, I bet I’ll be back in the mood for more when Spring comes along… xx