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15 trends for Fall 2013

trends winter 2013

Fall trends 2013 are well and truly here : new shapes, colours and prints you won’t be able to miss over the next season ! You know me, I’m constantly on the lookout for new fashion inspirations, so I’ve been shopping around and making mood boards, gathering ideas for Fall and Winter 2013. Here are a few of my favourites, each representing and upcoming trend you’re bound to learn to love this Winter !

1 – Biker Boots – If you buy one pair of shoes this Winter, make them Biker Boots. They’re on trend, they’re comfortable, they’re warm and they’re just damn cute. Wear with jeans and an oversized sweater or with a cute dress and colourful tights. Adorable.
> Boots by ASH

2 – Blue. One of Winter 2013’s favourite colours. You can wear it bold, bright or navy. As long as you’re wearing it.
> Top by Sandro

3 – Black and White. This trend is resisting the change in weather and should be with us for at least a whole new season. Whites are getting more wintery and fabrics heavier – black details are often in beautiful leather or delicate lace. Very glamourous indeed.
> Top by Sandro

4 – The camouflage trend. It’s back again ! I’m finding it difficult to get used to this one to be honest. So far I have found only this dress from Whistles that I might wear. But I’m sure this trend will grow on me, it’s only the beginning ! I seem to remember a pair of camouflage Dc Martens somewhere… Welcome back, 90’s !
> Dress by Whistles

5 – Huge chain. Chain has been on trend for a while now but it seems its getting bigger and bigger – literally ! Huge chains around your neck are a number one Winter accessory this year – grab yours soon and bling up !
> Necklace by Zara

6 – Snake print. Each season has its favourite creature and 2013 is loving snakes ! I have my eye on a beautiful blue python print dress from Whistles and I love these snake print Vans too !
> Sneakers by Vans

7 – Navy blue and black. So apparently you should never wear navy blue and black together ? Well that proves to be a lie this season as designers go mad for the unusual duet. I’m loving it, I think black and blue go together perfectly – so classy !
> Top by Sandro

8 – Leather jackets. Leather is a big thing this year, but it seems just wearing a patch here and there is no longer enough. Biker jackets are a must this fall and there are already some gorgeous designs out there… It’s so tempting ! My favourite leather is lamb (sorry, little lambs…:/), it’s so soft and delicate. A good perfecto is expensive though – so save up about £300 for a super cool jacket. They last forever – I’m still wearing my first leather jacket bought over 7 years ago. There are some less expensive ones out there doing a very good job of looking cool though, so if you can’t afford to splash out don’t fret !

9 – Tartan is back. Yup. So if you fancy going out looking Scottish or like a school girl, this is your season ! I’m actually getting into this trend, it’s very 70’s and is worn with a lot of chains, leather, studs, patches and so on. Why hello again, Vivienne Westwood.
> Dress by Zara

10 – Sweatshirts. I’m loving this one ! It’s like someone saying pajamas are trendy this year. Hell yes ! But of course not just any sweatshirts, they have to be casual and classy. So I have spotted a lot of flowery, lacey and padded sweatshirts. Look out for a DIY or two !
> Sweatshirt by Jack Wills

11 – Oversized coats. A natural evolution of the boyfriend trend. A very convenient trend seeing as you can pile on layers underneath your coat and nobody will notice ! Looks great with skinny jeans, ankle boots and a great, cozy scarf !
Coat by Jack Wills

12 – Masculine jackets. Straight lines, knee lengths… These jackets look oh so smart and are a great tool to use for a masculine / feminine look. Look out for 100% wool jackets in bright colours – but make sure you scotchgard them before you go out in the rain !
> Jacket Zara

13 – Burgundy. This trend already started creeping up on us last year. This colour looks great on pale Winter skin and goes perfectly well with all the blues, mustard yellows and bottle greens out there – warm Winter colours !
> Pants by Stella Forest

14 – Winter flowery prints. I love evergreen flower prints, they make me happy 🙂
> Skirt by Zara

15 – Skorts. A fashion that reminds me of childhood and yet I find the trend very sophisticated all the same. The best part of this one is its asymmetrical design at the front.
> Skort by Zara

So – ready for fall ? Or shall we wait a little longer ? Which trends do you like best ? Have I missed any out ?

Love from London,


PS – I’m inspired – meet me back here for a DIY very soon !