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DIY low neck swimsuit

DIY swimsuit

A one piece bikini ?! What am I on about ?! Well, to be honest, I didn’t really know what else to call this swimsuit – would you ?! I had been thinking about making a costume like this for a long time so my five swimsuit collaboration with La Mercerie Chic was the ideal opportunity. I think there is something ever so sexy about having the middle of my chest bare and yet don’t feel it’s over the top because a/ it is, after all a swimsuit, and b/ my boobs are more than covered up. I wouldn’t want it any other way in the blazing sun, anyway. But this in between bikini-swimsuit is perfectly glamourous for lounging around in the sun and dipping in and out of the pool.

On the sewing side, this swimsuit is perfectly simple to make, all you need is a pair of bikini bottoms, a piece of lycra (1m x the length of hip to hip going around neck) and elastic and a needle to sew with. I also added sew on studs to the mix to glam it up – a bit of Summer bling never harmed anyone !

DIY swimsuit

Simply stitch your nylon fabric to the front of your bikini bottoms, making sure they join in the middle. The loop will go behind your neck and if you’ve got the length right should cover your breasts on the way past ! The width of this should be OK for most chest sizes, it will just crease up more or less. If you want it super super sexy, you might want to cut a thinner section of fabric, but watch out when you bend over – if the fabric goes loose your boobies might well be on show !DIY swimsuit DIY swimsuit DIY swimsuit

Ya like ?!

That all for now on the swimsuit front, have you enjoyed all five ? If you need to catch up, here are the links :

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And here’s a swimsuit I did earlier on in the Summer : DIY side bow swimsuit

xx Tata ! See you all tomorrow !