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Keep Cool Without Dressing Down at Work

This summer has taken the Brits by surprise. Having not had a proper summer for a good number of years, the sudden heat wave has met an unprepared, and now flapping, nation. The main issue with the weather is that it’s not possible to just stop everything and just enjoy sunbathing in the garden until it’s all over. The fact is that life goes on and you must still go to work, do the school run, cook, clean and generally be wonder woman, whilst at the same time not breaking a sweat in sometimes more than thirty degree heat.

This does raise a bit of a problem with clothing however, as it is difficult to dress both smartly and fashionably when your main concern is preventing heat stroke. Luckily the wonderful folk at George at ASDA have created some great work friendly clothes that won’t cause you to melt en route or at your desk.


Smart knee length pencil skirts are a work wardrobe staple, but as they are tight they are not best suited for the summer months. Alternatives to pencils are maxi skirts or looser knee length skirts that don’t cling. These still look professional but keep you cool at the same time. There are some fantastic skirts in the collection of stylish women’s clothes from ASDA George.


Save the cut offs for the beach and chilling out at the weekends. Work shorts should be tailored, with seams at the bottom so they still look smart and clean cut. City shorts became popular a few years ago and are still a great alternative to skirts for work.


Most trousers will be too hot for summer, and although they might be fine at the start of the day, by lunchtime you will be starting to feel hot and sticky. Try some dark coloured linen trousers or a thinner fabric rather than your usual heavy pairs.


Skirts, shorts and trousers can all be paired with a summer blouse or cool floaty top. Steer clear of synthetic fabrics during the summer as these will warm you faster and cause you to sweat. Stick to cottons and light materials in order to keep your cool when things are hotting up at work. Stay away from all dark colours as these will attract the heat, instead opt for lighter hues or try some of this years signature prints.


Most workplaces are flip-flop free zones due to health and safety issues, and the same goes for strappy sandals with open toes. Heels too are a no go on warm days, as your feet are likely to swell making them very uncomfortable to walk in. Go for some pretty flats, such as ballet shoes, for a feminine look that will look good with your work wear.

Comfort is key when it is hot, and no boss will want your productivity to suffer as a result of the heat. Maintaining a good balance between comfort, style and professional appearance can be obtained by choosing your outfits carefully.