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Inspiration of the day 11-8-2013

DIY necklaceGood morning ladies !

The last two weeks have been bliss but my holiday is slowly coming to an end… Although I’ve been travelling all over this past year, I feel like I hadn’t relaxed like this is a VERY long time… So I’m looking forward to being home and getting on with the many ideas I have had recently ! I’m so excited about the new season and have so many creative ideas I could burst.

When I ask you what you’d like to see more of on Clones ‘n’ Clowns, I often get asked for more DIY jewellery ideas. I’ll be honest with you, jewellery and me, we have our ups and downs. Although I used to make necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets non stop, I would never really wear them all that much. I used to love giving handmade jewellery to friends and family and would keep anything else I made in a safe place but I never really wore any of it… It was all about the making.

However, over the past few months, my wardrobe has been mutating, as if growing up. I have been getting rid of the old and cheap and have set goals and started investing in new, quality, more timeless items. I’ll have to develop on the subject soon, I have a few interesting books to recommend on finding your own personal style and making the right choices when shopping. Style is a fascinating topic. And so as my wardrobe is being stripped of colour and detail overload, I have found myself turning to more subtle ways of introducing character. And necklaces are definitely becoming a fave !

I don’t really have any statement necklaces but I can’t wait to get started on making some beaded ones – I feel inspired ! Here are a few I have seen and loved recently. I can’t wait to get to that bead shop when I’m back in London !

I also showed you some Polder jewellery recently too, I love the tiny tassles !

Watch that crafty space ! And have a wonderful Sunday.


Aimee, feeling refreshed

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