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DIY 30 DAYS 30 TEE-SHIRTS : #7 with chains


DIY tee-shirt

Hey ya ! Time for something easy, waddya say ?! I was in a bead shop yesterday when I came across these spikey beads… BOOM – I knew what I was doing to today’s tee-shirt ! I sought out some colourful aliminium (lightweight) chains and I was set for day number 7 🙂 Sometimes all you need is a second of inspiration and you’ve got yourself a whole new project. I think the result is super trendy, it makes me think of something you would find in Topshop or Urban Outfitters – apart from it cost under £10 and took less than 30min to make ! Quicker and almost cheaper than even going into town !

DIY tee-shirt with chains


Hope you like it ! It kind of reminds me of my punky days but then it’s not too OTT meaning I can still wear it these days without feeling like I’m dressed like Avril Lavigne ! I think I’ll definitely be wearing it with a cute skirt and ankle boots  – it’ll most likely be one of my fav’s when festival season rolls on !

Which DIY tee-shirt is your favorite so far ?! Are you going to try AT LEAST ONE at home  ?!