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DIY 30 DAYS 30 TEE-SHIRTS : #2 chevron tee-shirt

DIY chevron tee-shirt

DIY NUMBER TWO. So far so good. But then again it’s a good job everything’s OK on day 2 of the challenge otherwise we’d be in trouble with another 28 days to go ! Well actually, I did get green paint on my nice wooly sweater. That counts as a bit of action. After all I suppose that was the only risk with today’s DIY, the rest of it’s pretty simple and if you’re used to customising tee-shirts or doing any other crafty activities at home, you’re probably quite familiar with the technique used in this project.

There’s nothing more reliable than good old masking tape to paint a straight line. Chevrons were a graphic choice, contrasting with yesterday’s more elegant DIY top. Oooo, I’m going to have so many cool tee-shirts to wear all Spring ! I think this one will fit in with a casual weekend style, along with a pop of lippy and bright trainers. The look will say : “I made no effort at all but I’m still looking cool in my funky tee and bright make-up”. A not so natural “au naturel”. Love it.

Here’s the step by step tutorial but I’m afraid you don’t get any extra explications today. It’s way too easy for that ! Go on, give it a go – it takes no time at all to do and it’s way more fun than that old basic tee-shirt you have lying in the bottom of your drawers ! You could even do ombre chevrons, painting each a little lighter than the last… Acrylic paint works so well on fabric that I honestly hardly ever buy fabric paint these days. It’s cheaper, washes well in the machine and lasts a long time. Try it !

DIY chevron tee-shirtAnd there you have it ! Make sure you stick the tape down properly to avoid any leaking and whatever you do : DO NOT PEAK until it’s DRY ! I know you’ll want to, but trust me : DON’T ! It’s one of those “the longer you wait the better it is” situations. And please leave it until it’s dry before turning it over to do the backside too. And – just in case – please PLEASE wait for it to dry before you wear it 😉 haha. HAVE FUN !

DIY tee-shirt chevroné


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