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Sun in a jar : Blood orange easy marmalade

marmelade orange sanguine

Have you noticed people walking around like sunflowers at the moment ? People literrally stop in their tracks, turn their heads towards the tiny sun ray that’s just popped out from behind a cloud and close their eyes taking in those long missed UVs ! Thank goodness Spring’s on its way, we’re getting desperate ! To help you activate your sunny disposition mode in the morning – even if you do have to dig your car out of the drive to get to work – today’s recipe is full of sun and as a bonus the fruit I’ve used is currently in season ! See, the cloud‘s aren’t all grey, you just have to know where to look 🙂

Marmalade recipes are ALL OVER the Internet. I mean, those ladies know their stuff… Copper pans, thermometers, muslin… I don’t have any of those ! So although I enjoyed reading up on proper blood orange marmalade, I needed a recipe that was going to get on with my more savage way of cooking – i.e. a recipe that only required a normal pan (Le Creuset, s’il vous plaît !) and a wooden spoon. So I did my usual thing of mashing up the best bits of a few different recipes and Jesus-tap-dancing-Christ it’s delicious !

If you too want to make marmalade without having to go through the boring bits, FOLLOW ME !


– 5 blood oranges

– 2L water

– The juice of 1 lemon (none of that bottled stuff, please !)

– 400G brown sugar

– 350G caster sugar


blood orange marmalade

1 : Do what the photo tells you !


2 : Leave your oranges to bathe in 1L water for 2 hours. Include the removed ends. I know, it’s long, but according to my calculations reading this is the bit that softens the peels, avoiding it from sticking in between your teeth at breakfast… SO DON’T SKIP IT or you’ll have people laughing at you all day.


3 : Heat the oranges in their bathing water. Add the lemon juice. Simmer and keep adding water as needed so that it doesn’t dry out, stick or worse – burn. After an hour of softening, remove the ends and add the sugar. DO NOT LET IT BOIL. So lower the heat and keep a close watch. Mix with a wooden spoon until the sugar has dissolved. When it’s definitely all gone, turn the heat up and leave to bubble away for another couple of hours, still adding water as needed. When the marmalade is thick and getting sticky, drip a drop on a plate and put it in the fridge for a few minutes. If that drop doesn’t run when you turn the plate sidewards and if the surface of it wrinkles when you push it – you’re done ! You can remove your marmalade from the heat and pour it into sterilized jars. If it’s not quite ready, keep simmering and repeat the test every 15min.

4 : Put the lids on your jars and place in a pan of boiling water for 10min to seal them.

I couldn’t wait to try it so had a splatter on toast after lunch. It’s bitter-sweet like it should be and the colour is beautiful (much redder than it appears in the below photo). The brown sugar darkens it so although my oranges weren’t that bloody my jam is pretty dark. I guess I managed to make real marmalade the easy way – yipee !


‘Night galz !


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