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Cocktail recipe : Mango and lychee mashup

cocktail recipe mango lycheeOne of my best buys yet this year is my brand new cocktail shaker… I’m dying to get arty with it ! This little experiment turned out great – a light and sweet cocktail you could serve at a party or even a wedding. It tastes great with the lychee juice chilled and you can even pop your glasses in the freezer for 10min before serving too – they’ll frost up a little and look snazzy !

I chose to keep the ice cubes whole rather than crush them because the cocktail is thick enough with the puree. If you don’t have a blender to make mango puree I’m guessing you could probably use mango juice although you won’t get the same consistency. In this case maybe using crushed ice would be the right solution.

Here goes the how to :cocktail recipe mangoI reckon this needs trying with coconut water in place of the lychee and rum instead of the vodka, too ! A bit like a pina colada remake. All these exotic tastes definitely have me longing for the sun to come out…

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