Fast Food #2: Vegan yogurt recipe

Hello girls ! I hope you’re well and ready for another round of Healthy Fast Food ! I’m home alone at the moment as my other half is traveling… and it seems the veggie / vegan inside of me is ready to jump out and explore new flavours! It’s whilst trying (and failing) to make a vegan pancake mix that I realised this was the most delicious vegan yogurt I … Continue reading

Shopped in London:Barry M

Hey girls! So because I know a whole load of you are reading me from abroad, I figured it might make sense to share some of my latest London finds. You might be able to find these where you live too, especially if you’re in the UK, but if not then it will be the perfect shopping list of British buys for next time you come to visit. I decided … Continue reading

Outfit du Jour: Total Leo

After going all white I’m going all leo with this outfit du jour again shot in Shoreditch. I couldn’t wait to take pics of this jumpsuit since I fell in love with it the minute it caught my eye. I saw it, tried it and bought it in under 15 minutes. But then it took me a couple of weeks to actually wear it… Wearing a leopard jumpsuit is not the … Continue reading

3 Places to visit in Paris this Summer 2014

Happy Sunday everyone I hope you’re weekend is as peaceful and sunny as mine. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll probably know how often I travel to Paris and I’m stopping over there again next weekend which reminded me I should get posting some Parisian tips on here some time. The city is changing at a fast pace and is already quite different from the Paris I knew and fell in … Continue reading

Outfit du Jour: Simple style in Shoreditch

Good morning ! It’s time for another outfit du jour this week and today I’m thanking the lovely C from new blog The Lifestyle Directory for taking these pictures of me last weekend after lunch (or rather – granola) at Hoi Polloi. Though Shoreditch is usually known for its crazy outfits and bright colours, I was feeling pretty casual. In fact I’m never really up for the satorial competition that … Continue reading

Clean Lunchbox #2

 Morning lovelies and Happy Monday ! If you’re following me on Instagram (which you should be ;-)) you may have guessed I wished for this celebratory weekend to never end but here I am sipping my Monday Morning tea *sigh*. Oh well, at least I have lots of exciting content to share this week – bring it on! This week my clean food lunchbox includes red pesto quinoa, a courgette/butter bean/mint salad … Continue reading

Fast Food #1: Strawberry almond milk

    Good morning readers and welcome to my new column: Fast Food! So you thought this was the name for Macdonald’s and friends, hey?! Why should only the unhealthy guys get the cool alliterations?! A lot of the food I eat is perfectly fast to prepare and yet has not an unhealthy ingredient in sight. So I thought I’d ironically steal the name and share all these quick and … Continue reading

Outfit du jour: DECLUTTERED

Two posts in a row, we must be dreaming…! Well actually pinch yourselves peeps, I’m back for good! And today I return with an outfit which is something I hadn’t shared for a very long time. In fact, since I last posted an outfit on here a whole load of stuff has gone down in my wardrobe… I have totally decluttered. As in TOTALLY. Imagine one draw and one rail. Twenty hangers. Boom. THAT’s … Continue reading

Healthy Lunchbox #1

Hey girls ! I’m so pleased to be back after such a long wait… I’ve been updating my French page recently but not so much my English one; but no worries, I have returned to share some delicious and nutritious and fashionable and creative new posts ! Yay ! Let’s start with healthy lunchbox ideas, something I want to be sharing with you more often over here. I started a … Continue reading

What makes me smile with Colgate #MAXWHITESMILE

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens… ♬♬♬ When it comes to a smiley face I’m more than a giver – even though this blog makes me look a little more pouty than I am in real life ! It’s never easy to give a full-on smile to a camera lens but grinning at my favourite things is a day-to-day habit I have and intend on keeping. In fact I have … Continue reading