Flower is the new black

flower-is-the-new-blackHello les filles !

Today I’m here to introduce you to a new Parisian brand I love and discovered on Artbay. These three girls got together to launch their brand Ménage À Trois and I just love the outcome of fun, unusual clothes. Ménage À Trois are here to defend “Jay Z for everyone” and remind us of Beyoncé’s saying “Who runs the World ? Girls”. So we’re here for a good dose of girl power today then !flower-is-the-new-black3

The product I chose when Ménage À Trois kindly offered is a sweatshirt that reads Flower is the new black. I just love the idea of wearing a bright pop of colour and flowers in the Winter – there’s nothing like a pretty bouquet to cheer you up on a gloomy day !


You can find more products by Ménage À Trois on Artbay here – they have some awesome tee-shirt about Paris, too !


Today I’m wearing a Flower is the new black sweatshirt by Ménage À Trois, an H&M skirt, a designer jacket found in a charity shop, Zara boots, a Monoprix scarf and a Topshop bag.

Thanks to Artbay for introducing me to this and many other brands and thanks to Ménage À Trois for the gorgeously cosy and perfectly cool-dude sweater !



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