London at Christmas time

XmasinlondonHello readers all over the World ! Today I’m going to show you a little bit of London…

As you might know already (in fact, chances are you might be one of them), the English LOVE Xmas time. I don’t know what happens, but overnight, between 10PM on Halloween and 8AM the next morning, people turn from gloomy and grey to bright and bubbly. Of course you get the odd bah humbug, but let’s face it, even he loves a good mince pie and a drop of port ! Christmas in London is like a condensed Christmas, it’s all over the place, in the streets, on people faces, in their shopping bags, in their glasses and on their plates. I have even noticed more people giving to the poor in the steet – so I guess it’s not just a cliché that people become more generous over the holiday season.

I think what I love most about Christmas time is the structure it brings to our days and nights. Everything is about Christmas, there is a general theme going-on, everyone is taking part in one big fun party. I just love the cosiness of a warm cider in the pub and have been shopping for pressies for months already ! Basically, what I’m trying to say, is I LOVE the fact Christmas is all about indulgence. And, well, London definitely knows how to indulge.

londres-a-noelMagical decorations in the Covent Garden market <3londres-a-noel19

It’s snowing on Oxford Street !londres-a-noel6A beautifully decoration road near Covent Garden, leading to St Martin’s Courtyard

Because I know a lot of you might consider coming to London before Christmas or the New Year, I thought I’d give you a bit of a taster. Oh, you know you want to ! It’s simply the ideal place for shopping and I find that these days it’s getting easier and easier to hop from place to place, especially European cities. With online comparators like this one or this one it can be easy enough to find an affordable hotel or hostel. Come and share the magic !

londres-a-noel16Regent Street’s 12 days of Christmas decorationslondres-a-noel17londres-a-noel15J. Crew sees Christmas in a traditional light…londres-a-noel18Urban Outfitters however show a more cynical twist !londres-a-noel14 St Martin’s Courtyard – Covent Gardenlondres-a-noel7londres-a-noel8londres-a-noel10 Yep, people even get dressed up…. THIS IS LONDON !londres-a-noel12Psssst – Hopefully I’ll be showing you how to put beautiful Christmas bouquets together soon !londres-a-noel11Concerts in the street… The perfect tune to shop until you drop !londres-a-noel9londres-a-noel5Popcorn, anyone ?! Go ahead, it’s free ! londres-a-noel4londres-a-noel13londres-a-noel2

If you do come to London before Christmas, here are five things I suggest you defintiely do :

- Check out the beautiful “robin” decorations on Carnaby Street
- Sit outside with blankets and enjoy a sweet, warm and spicy mulled wine
- Treat yourself to a Christmas afternoon tea at Fortnum & Mason (I’m heading there this weekend!)
- Be sure to walk around Covent Garden and check out the fun seasonal animation
- Shop until you drop on Oxford Street and make sure you get your fam’ and friends the best pressies out there !londres-a-noel3

See you soon ?!



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