DIY metallic gold and black platform pumps


Hello ladies ! I hope you are well !

So lately I’ve been planning my suitcase for Christmas and New Year already, and I have decided to go for good old black and gold, just like my window design for DUO. Gold has definitely made us happy over the past year so I figured it deserved full celebration before 2014 marches in with its new trends and shades.

Metallic capped, tipped and heeled pumps have been popping up all-over and I think it’s safe to say they are a festive staple this year. Wear them with a pair of leather jeggings and an over-sized wooly jumper, or why not with 20′s style beaded dress, there are plenty out there this year ! However you wear them, I hope you enjoy making them, it couldn’t be easier… Follow these simple steps :

Supplies :

-       A pair of black pumps with a good sturdy heel and a thin platform at the front

-       Masking tape

-       Textile paint, I used DYLON 3D in gold and it was perfect with a little sheen

-      A paintbrush


Step 1 : Cover the parts of the shoes you don’t want to paint with masking tape, like above the heel. Make sure you make it neat, you want your lines to be slick and straight.


Step 2 : Repeat at the front of the shoe.


Step 3 : It’s time to paint. You might life to squeeze some paint onto a piece of cardboard to make it easier. Take your brush and paint away ! Always brush in the same direction (front-back or up-down) and don’t worry about brush marks. They will be sure to disappear with following layers.


Step 4 : When you have covered the whole platform and the heel, leave to dry for a good couple of hours until touch dry.


Step 5 : Paint a few layers until you have the result you are looking for. Always leave the paint to dry in between layers. Smooth the last layer over as best you can to make sure the end result is a beautiful metallic layer. Leave to dry over night.


Step 6 : When the shoes are completely dry, remove the masking tape. Revealing that lovely line is such a satisfaction !

TIP : If unfortunately you end up getting paint on the wrong part of the shoe there is still hope : use a damp cloth to brush the paint away. If the paint has dried alread, try and scratch it of carefully and if all else fails, well, get out your black marker pen and cover it up ! But if you follow steps 1 and 2 carefully it should all go to plan.


And there you have it, the most beautiful party shoes at that party. Why ?! Because they’re stunning and you made them yourself !


And yes, my flat is STILL covered in glitter from this shoot even though I have hoovered twice since. That’s what you get when the boyfriend goes away for 10 days !

xx from glitter land



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