DIY Christmas tree decorations : Tulle baubles


So you might have got it by now – my latest obsession is for tulle pompoms ! Who would have thought that one day I’d become a pompom freak ?!! All these crafts are getting to my head ;-) But there’s just something about tulle pompoms… They look like light puffy snow, or balls of light or… Yes I’m going to say it… Fairies ! They do !! They’re perfectly magical for Christmas which is why we decided to cover our whole tree in them. I warned you : I’m obsessed ! It looks beautiful and very elegant – I have always wanted a sophisticated Xmas tree, God knows why considering it’s supposed to be a cosy and homey time of year. I guess I’ve been influenced by the years of reading “home” and “style” magazines… I just love white monochrome Xmas trees !

Anyway, back to the point : I made these tulle pompom baubles in just a few minutes – a DIY tutorial that holds in three easy steps !


Step 1 : Wrap 3cm wide pieces of tulle around one hand…


Step 2 : Remove the roll of tulle from your hand and tie a piece of pretty ribbon around it…


Stpe 3 : Cut your tulle free and you have yourself an adorable pompom bauble !

If you wish for more details, check out this tutorial on how to make pompoms on your hand. Just stop before the brushing part ! The technique is exactly the same whether you use wool or tulle.boule-de-noel-tulle-diy2

Love it – don’t you ?!

Get making ! And share any DIY tree decorations you may have posted on your own blogs in the comments – we need more inspiration, I’ll be decorating more trees when I get back to France in a couple of weeks !

Love from the land of fairies,


4 thoughts on “DIY Christmas tree decorations : Tulle baubles

  1. Oh Aimee I love it !
    I can’t believe I never had this idea before… Thanks for sharing it anyway =)

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