The Paris Effect


Have you ever noticed how you shop in different ways in different places ?! There may be more or less the same shops in London and Paris (or it seems its becoming more and more that way), but I know that in London I go for bright and bubbly with a dash of daring whereas in Paris my choices are definitely slicker and chic-er.

After two weeks in Paris, you can imagine my suitcase was (MUCH) heavier on the way back than on the way there… And this beautiful coat is one of my favourite purchases ! I simply don’t think I would have been attracted to it over here in London, but under the Parisians’ subconscious infleunce, here I am – and I absolutely love it, even now I’m back !


I guess that’s what makes my style : a little bit of Paris and a lot of London ! I’ve always felt happy in between the two :-)

What I’m Wearing : A houndstooth coat from Monoprix (Paris), a silk top from Comptoir des Cotonniers layered with a knitted cotton cropped jumper from Topshop, a Primark necklace and bag, a pair of waxed Mim trousers soon to be DIYed and a pair of home-customised pumps à la Charlotte Olympia.


These shoes are my new besties – they were customised for my column on and quite obviously inspired by Charlotte Olympia’s pair of tulle pompom pumps you can see here on my DIY SHOES inspiration board !


Have a lovely Monday and see you tomorrow !

Love from London,

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