DIY Rhinestone embellished sweatshirt


A few weeks ago, I held a DIY workshop in the Google offices in Paris, in partnership with Google themselves and a couple of French brands named Mim (clothing company) and La Mercerie Chic (super cool online haberdashery). We cusomised denim shirts, they looked awesome ! And because there were so many smiles around the table, we reaslied we had to keep collaborating in some shape or form – I mean, affordable clothes + DIY ideas = perfect wardrobe, right ?! And so here is the first tutorial of what should be a very fun collaboration between Clones N Clowns and Mim : a rhinestone embellished sweatshirt. And what’s more, the sweatshirt has a criss-cross finish, could this project get any more 2013?!


To customise this sweatshirt, I found some pretty acrylic stones from New Trimmings on Noel Street, London. I also used accessory glue and a needle and thin nylon thread. Please note : so that you can sew your stones on, you want to make sure they have tiny holes on each side.

Step 1 : I always practice my design before getting the glue out… And I make sure I take a picture on my phone when I’ve got what I want, just in case I inappropriately sneeze… I have gathered a few sweatshirt inspiration pins on a Rhinestone Embellished Sweatshirt Pinterst board, so you can use it for inspiration if you need it.prise-en-photo-avec-tel

Step 2 : Put a drop of glue behind each stone, picking them up one by one.


Step 3 : And place them back on the sweatshirt, with light pressure to stick them down.


Step 4 : When the glue is dry, secure your stones by sewing them in place with a needle and nylon thread. Nylon thread is great because you just can’t see it ! Make sure you get dark thread if you’re sewing onto a dark sweatshirt and fully transparent if you’re sewing on a lighter colour.


There will be more pics and a fun gif on Mim’s blog a little later on in the day – I’ll link through when it’s up ! DIY-sweat-strass-pierres-customisé4I’m wearing my sweatshirt from Mim with added rhinestones, a shirt from Esprit, Vero Moda jeans, a beanie from H&M and a Topshop pouch.  DIY-sweat-strass-pierres-customisé2

What do you think ?! I’m so pleased I have finally DIYed a rhintestone sweatshirt, I have been longing to ever since I saw this J Crew sweater and then this one on a blog…And you guys seemed pretty excited about the idea on Facebook too so I thought why not – and tadaaaa, I love it. Don’t you ?! Let me know if you have a go, I always love receiving your photos and feedback.

Have a great weekend ! xx




7 thoughts on “DIY Rhinestone embellished sweatshirt

  1. Hi Aimee,

    I discovered your blog yesterday and I am already addicted to it! I simply love it! I am French but like to read it in English, reminds me of my Erasmus year in England. I would probably buy your books very soon because I truly like what you do. Just go on with your wonderful ideas and creations. You made my weekend!!

  2. Hey there!!

    je suis toujours autant surprise par ta créativité et ta façon de rendre tes idées accessibles à tous! j’aime ta joie de vivre et tes looks très dynamiques!
    keep up the good work!
    A bientôt!!

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