Fashion : DIY Bumble Bee Espadrills

bee1 Yo ladies !

Have you noticed classic polka dots seem to be transforming into teeny weeny icons ? It seems to be everywhere at the moment : mini boats, anchors, birds, fruit… Adorable ! So I had to give it a go and because we’re celebrating picnics this month I went for bees… Yeah, I know we hate ’em when they’re hanging around the jam tarts but you gotta admit mini bumble bees are cuddly and cute when they’re on your shoes ^^


As a bonus : these espadrills took literally 10 minutes to make. So they’re cheap as chips, adorably cute and EASY ! What else could you ask for ?! Ladybirds, maybe ? Oh I might show you some of them soon, too 😉

Meanwhile, enjoy the tute !bee_tuto1

Dip your pencil’s rubber in the nail polish (IMAGE 1) and use it as a stamp to pattern your shoes all over (IMAGE 2 & 3). Try and keep the print regular and feel free to do half dots at the sides as if the fabric was really printed and cut to make us the espadrills.bee_tuto2

To draw your bees, just go for something simple. I took the main characteristics of a bee (IMAGE 4) and simply drew them on with a marker pen (IMAGE 5). Cover each dot (IMAGE 6) and you’re done !

I said it was easy, right ?! Hope you like them !bee_result4

Gotta go ! Bzzzzzzzzzzz



18 thoughts on “Fashion : DIY Bumble Bee Espadrills

  1. I really want to make these! You found the perfect shoe to use as your canvas. What brand are your shoes? I tried to find something similar but its hard to find when you are actually looking for a pair lol.
    I cant wait to make these! I am going to make a pair for both of my sisters.

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