DIY 30 DAYS 30 TEE-SHIRTS : #14 with a customised message

DIY statement tee-shirt

Ladies and maybe even gentlemen,

Be warned. This tee-shirt is not like the others. Ohhhhhh no. This tee-shirt is a REVELATION. It’s a treasure come out of its cave for the first time ever, an exclusive piece of information JUST FOR YOU ! Oh DIYers, Oh crafts lovers, Oh people with something they want to scream out loud… This will change your life. Never again will you randomly try to write something on a tee-shirt only to realise you have made the first three letters three times bigger than the last OR WORSE that you have NO SPACE LEFT FOR THE LAST LETTER ! *CRINGE* Here for you today is THE WINDOW TECHNIQUE ! A natural light box that I have been using forever and ever amen and that you can use whenever you like too, for free.

So follow these steps to write the perfect statement on your boring old tee-shirt. Time to get that message across ! Right, are you ready for the wow effect ? Go !

DIY statement tee-shirt

Easy peasy lemon squeezy ! And yet SO, SO, SO useful ! I have literally been using this since the day I was born, or maybe even before then. Over the years I have written so many things on my tee-shirts, from cheesy lines to Blink 182 lyrics from when I was a teen ! And today my statement was a cool uni’ style one word GEEK – a style I’ve been seeing around

See you tomorrow for more DIY FUN !


27 thoughts on “DIY 30 DAYS 30 TEE-SHIRTS : #14 with a customised message

  1. Nice idea!
    By the way, where do you find all your tee-shirts? Because I’m willing to try several of your tutorials but I can’t find really cheap tee-shirts…

    • Hi Claire,
      I have bought most of these tee-shirts at H&M, Newlook and Primark. Primark is the cheapest option. H&M have more fashionable cuts. They’re all maximum £5, most between £2,5 and £4. Have fun !

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  3. You’re not a geek anymore (as written on your shirt). That was a great tutorial; you’re very clever. Thanks for sharing

  4. You might think about using something like Krylon Easy Tack re-positionable adhesive to attach the printed statement. I bet you could even spray it on the printed side and attach it directly to the inside of the front of the tshirt, rather than the back. That way it would be less likely to move around and mess up your tracing.

    Since it re-positionable, it won’t stick too aggressively to the fabric, and can be removed after tracing.

    • Hmm that sounds like a good idea ! I used masking tape to hold it up which works perfectly well but your idea would mean it would be stuck to the front like you said and in that case you would see the print even more clearly. And the window technique 2.0 is born ! Thanks Scott !

  5. You can also trace or draw a pattern on butcher paper, cut out the parts you want to color, iron the paper to your shirt with a hot iron, and then color. Makes it easier for kids to stay inside the line too.

    • I’m doing some testing at the mo and will post recommenadations shortly but so far I have found DecoArt paints are pretty good ! Have a go at mixing colours too !

  6. That is a really nice and simple idea anybody can do within no time!
    A nice way to make a statement next time in a hurry to go out 🙂
    Thanks for sharing!! 🙂

  7. I don’t know if you’ve answered this question before; but are the fabric pen/paint washable? Do they come off after a few wash?

    • Fabric paint and pens are washable and the best quality ones (Dylon for instance) don’t wash out at all, they’re fab ! Have fun !

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