Heartbeats and polka dots

DIY tee-shirt

I promised to show you how I have been styling my DIY heartbeat tee-shirt – here it is ! Mixied prints, bright red and a trio of neutrals…

DIY tee-shirt

This lippy is my all-time fav’ by Guerlain (Rouge G) – believe it or not I have hardly any on ! It is so bright it’s unbelievable ! Even though I work at home alone, I like to wear bright lipstick on a regular basis… It’s my way of saying I’ll make an effort even for myself ! I love a pop of colour on my smile ♥

red riding hood


Jacket : Helene Berman

Heartbeat Tee-shirt : DIY, catch up here

Shorts : Zara

Tights : Gambettes box

 Boots : Mum’s 🙂

Headband : Primark

palette red neutrals


3 thoughts on “Heartbeats and polka dots

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  2. Oh my gosh!!!!!! I just LOVE this outfit!! I do that a lot with the shorts and tights, but I love the jacket do much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉

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