Trendspotting : Emerald green from ScoopNYC

scoopnyc clothing“Lively. Radiant. Lush… A colour of elegance and beauty that enhances our sense of well-being, balance and harmony.” Pantone

So Pantone have predicted Emerald Green will be the colour of 2013… That’s fine with me ! I love its depth and luxurious implication. Emerald green makes me want to look glamourous (unless of course I’m watching The WIzard of Oz or better more Wicked in which case – witch case – it just makes me want to run around singing my head off). Either way, I think it’s much nicer than the military khaki greens we’ve been seeing and can’t wait to add a large amount to my wardrobe this Spring.

When trying out a new trend, I like to have a bit of an online practice first. I have many a moodboard inspired by new trends and I’ll look back at them from time to time to see if I really want to take the leap or not. Sometimes the trend turns into something more and at that point I go for it. If after a few looks I have already gone off it, I move on. This way I don’t end up buying loads of things I don’t really like just because they’re fashionable.

I’m already pretty sure I’m going to love wearing emerald green but after being introduced to Scoop NYC, a website chockablock with trendy clothes, I thought I’d have a poke around to see how the trend is developing at this early stage of the new season. After a good window shop (surely we should call it a “macbook shop” these days ?!), here’s a selection of the emerald items I like best :

scoopnyc clothing

I’d definitely pair the green tops with a blue print and wear the dresses with bright shoes. I think the button-down would be more of an everyday piece, I love wearing flannel shirts for work, they’re comfortable and stylish all in one !

Here are the links to the above products, so that you can get a closer look :

- Shirt by NSF (top left)

- Top by Mason (top middle)

- Dress by Sea (top right)

- Top by Splendid (bottom left)

- Dress by Sea (bottom middle)

- Top by Scoop (bottom right)

How will you be wearing green this year ?





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