DIY fabric notebook cover

how to cover notebook in fabric


If you managed to read right through to the end of yesterday’s post about the magic of To Do Lists, first of all : congratulations, I hope you’re still alive 😉 Secondly, you will have read my promise to show you how to cover a book in fabric. I was going to do this DIY with glue, but then when I woke up this morning I felt like sewing – so the project became “How to make a fabric notebook cover” instead – but the outcome is the same so I guess I wasn’t lying (reference to the book I’m reading at the moment : The time of my life, C. Ahern – recommended !).

I will still do a post on how to cover a notebook with fabric and glue, but for now I think sewing a book cover is a much cuter idea ! It’s so much more “handmade” and the idea of spending a little extra time on making a cover for the book I carry in my handbag all day everyday seems to make sense. I’m really pleased with the quirky result and so this will now be my first notebook of 2013 ! Its pages won’t last long enough to see the year through – this type of journal only lasts a couple of months with me – but it will definitely look cute next to this other one when it joins it in my old collection.

Here goes the tutorial !

To make a DIY fabric notebook cover, YOU WILL NEED :

– A notebook / journal / diary of the size of your choice

– A pretty cut of cotton or linen

– Matching thread and a needle

– A ruler or tape measure

– A pair of scissors

– An iron if you would like to iron down the edges before sewing (optional but recommended for a more professional result)

how to make a fabric notebook cover

For those of you who have no idea what “blanket stitch” is – DON’T PANIC ! It’s just as easy as a normal stitch – check out the below diagram showing you how. This stitch gets its name from the fact it is often used to reinforce the edge of materials like blankets !


So who’s going to give it a go ? Who’s waiting for the “glue” version ?!


14 thoughts on “DIY fabric notebook cover

  1. I LOVE THIS. This is perfect for recovering notebooks that I cart around that get all — well, gunky, dirty, muddy — you name it. And I LOVE the fact that you can reuse it! Super earth friendly!

    • Really good point ! Also if you’re wanting to make one to protect your notebook from “gunk”, try using a waxed cotton or something resistant – you could even nick a swatch from an old oilcloth tablecloth ! It would be a little thicker though so you’d need yourself a good needle and maybe a larger book too 🙂 xx

  2. I love this, thank you for this tutorial. I’ve been using this to make covers for some folders and they look stunning. Just one, ‘design flaw’ that I personally have come across, The height of the fabric should really be b + 4cm, as after folding it over one cm on both sides and then blanket stitching about a cm tall (as I did), will make the pocket too small to fit the height of whatever book you are trying to make a pocket for. Other than that the idea and design is flawless.

    • Hi Grace, thanks for your comment and feedback ! I see your point. I haven’t been blanket stitching 1cm but I guess mine have been maybe a little tight. I will definitely try your improved mesurments !

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