DIY Christmas present idea : Rhinestone embellished scarf and gloves !

So hats, scarves and gloves are a classic Xmas pressy, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring ! This year why not glitz up a set for your best mate ? It takes no time, looks incredibly pro and costs next to nothing !

To do it yourself, you will need :

- Hat/scarf/gloves

- Rhinestones in various shapes and colours

- Jewelry glue

Step 1 : Practice arranging your rhinestones without gluing them, to see which design you like best. I like to just play around with them, placing them one after the other and fitting smaller ones in the holes as I go. Try to get it as symmetrical as you can – this way the end result always looks good !

Step 2 : Take a piccy of your design, just in case it gets blown away or destroyed by a clumsy someone (like yourself !)

Steps 3 & 4 : Follow the design on the picture you took or simply pick up the stones one by one and glue them back down with your jewelry glue. A drop will do. Press lightly on each stone to stick it down, making sure the glue doesn’t squidge out at the edges when you press down. If it does, have a tissue handy and quickly remove any extra glue.

Pssssst – Make sure you don’t create two right/left hand gloves ! Glue the rhinestones on a different side of each glove.

And there you have it ! A beautiful set to give away or even to treat your own little self with this Christmas :)

Hope you like it, if you do I’m sure others will too – give it a share !

Have a lovely week-end,


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9 thoughts on “DIY Christmas present idea : Rhinestone embellished scarf and gloves !


    • I bought them from a shop just off Noel st in London ! A shop named “trimmings…” If not, try ebay !

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